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Coaching & Counselling

A coach is a guide for helping you see your future in a different light, face personal challenge, and create a structure for growth and movement forward.  Think of it like having a personal trainer but for your whole being – a transpersonal coach for your soul.  I am not telling you “How to…” – I am here to support you, learn and share with you and allow us to walk a part of our journey on earth together.

Individual Coaching

Each coaching/counselling relationship is unique. It is dependent upon your needs, circumstances and level of commitment.  You may wish to seek help with a particular issue, which can be resolved in a few sessions or you may be seeking an ongoing supportive relationship, which becomes a consistent feature of your life.  You are in control and decide upon the course of your own journey.

My approach is strongly intuitive and is tailored to meet your individual goals and personality.

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Couples & Groups Coaching

Some of the most intense and real relationships we have are with our family.  It can often be helpful to seek the support of someone who is removed from the family dynamic and can equally support each of its members.

Friendship counselling

Friends can also pass through times of hurt, loss of trust, grief or disconnection.  It is a sign of deep value for the friendship that friends are willing to seek help to heal the relationship.

Business counselling

This applies to many relationship situations in life; co-workers, business partners or housemates.  Don’t you want to function in your business relationships from an abundant and healthy place?  It helps to engage a third party to get balance, trust and perspective back into business.

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Coaching via phone

There can be all kind of reasons for you to be unable to attend coaching sessions in person and prefer to have your sessions via phone.  That is why I offer coaching via phone.

Benefits of Coaching via phone:

  • no traveling time, stress or unpredictables – you will be there in time to answer my call
  • you can choose your most supportive environment for your session
  • you can start implementing, meditating, etc. straight after your session, no traveling
  • you are saving time and recourses and you can put that energy towards your goals

I would always suggest to finding a counsellor or coach in your area to work with if you feel that is more suitable.  There are many kinds of subtleties in the communication between coach/counsellor and client that are not transmitted via phone.  These subtle communications enrich the experience and help facilitate the process of growth and healing.  However, coaching via phone has proven to be successful and a session in person can always be scheduled if it becomes clear that it is needed, in particular if Movement and/or Massage become the focus on the therapeutic journey.

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Coaching / Counselling / Private Narrative Yoga session / Marma Massage

$120 for 1 hour

Sliding scale rates available for those requiring financial assistance.

Phone: 0402 322 200

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Awareness allows Flexibility & Exploration

Asking you good questions to help you identify strengths and problem areas and helping you mobilise your own tools and your own truths to make forward progress in your life. Accountability is crucial.  There is tremendous power in knowing that someone knows your goals and is going to check on them on a regular basis.

Connection = Strength & Possibility Thinking

Coaching is about being grounded in the present and moving into the future. I work with who you are now (strengths and weaknesses) and help you build a plan that works for you.  Using narratives/stories, examples, and challenges I will help you learn and acquire new skills for leadership, creativity, management and self-direction.


Sometimes the ties of our past can hold us back from our future. Where it is valuable I will help you identify and release these bonds.  Support is needed at times, whether you’re in crisis or are starting a new and scary future, I will be there to give you a pep talk when you’re down or “kick your butt” when you’re stalled.

Thanks so much for our ‘mindful’ session. I really am excited to be bringing some Qi Gong back into my routine now, with the added bonus of bringing in more balance and strength into my body, and the mind. Thanks heaps, I enjoyed the ‘workout’, and feel great now.


I have studied with a number of experienced teachers in yoga for 8 years and have found me studying yoga with Lars is what I have been looking for these last few years. His approach to practice allows your depths, lucidities and unique qualities of the self to be explored through both gentle and dynamic movement, conscious awareness of breath, through a delicate blend of Yoga and Qi Gong. His great ability to hold space allows subtleties to become tangible and physical strength to integrate to the internal, while adjusting the approach of practice as needed for the individual


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