Moriac craftsman and wellness warrior Lars Richter teaches Yahje

Narrative Yoga encompasses ancient wisdom with urban needs and modern psychology.  It is my life work and passion to attend to the continuum of life in holistic ways.

You are in the right place here if you want to experience the present moment with curiosity, exploring tools for healthy relating, mindfulness and the art of being.

“In archery practice, one connects to the imminence of inner stillness, the silence between two heartbeats, and the oneness of it all; it is a wonderful way to pay attention to the world around you.”

Let’s bring clarity and awareness to the present moment of our human condition.

Lars Richttt


Traditional Wooden Longbow Making

Longbow Workshop

These workshops will teach you how to make your own longbow and to use it for practising mindful & instinctive archery. You will come away from the workshop with your own handmade bow, the skills you learnt and a cedar wood arrow. You cultivate your inspiration to practice, discipline and focus through your archery practice. 

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Relationship Counselling

Do you want more aliveness in your life and relationship(s)? What about more presence, connection and intimacy? Do you want to feel free and animated inside? How about bringing this aliveness into your significant relationship(s)? Welcome to the individual work with Lars. Sessions with Lars are bursting with inspiration and energy!

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Nature Retreats

Unwind. Relax. Find your rhythm. Nature-based retreats offer restoration of our primary relationship with the earth and ourselves. We find deeper meaning by fostering intimate engagement with all life around us. Nourish yourself on many levels with organic food and nature immersions. Gently learning new well-being tools with like-minded folks.  

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The longbow workshop in Trentham a couple of weeks ago was the best! My son and I enjoyed bonding time in the company of a friendly group of likeminded souls.

Best of all, we made something together that we will cherish and look after for a lifetime…reminiscent of the toys and tools of my own childhood.

A bonus is the time my son spends daily (!) honing his newly discovered archery skills. The longbow workshop was a beautiful and enduring experience for us both.

Thanks Lars!


I have studied with a number of experienced teachers in yoga for 8 years and have found me studying yoga with Lars is what I have been looking for these last few years.

His approach to practice allows your depths, lucidities and unique qualities of the self to be explored through both gentle and dynamic movement, conscious awareness of breath, through a delicate blend of Yoga and Qi Gong.

His great ability to hold space allows subtleties to become tangible and physical strength to integrate to the internal, while adjusting the approach of practice as needed for the individual.


As a result of regular sessions with Lars I have navigated several life challenges and now move in the direction of bringing my service to small business clients.

The skill that Lars has for hearing my challenges and responding in a way that inspires me and keeps me held to account is exceptional. ‎

He uses an approach that is both creative and disciplined. I have renewed confidence and the support to reach my targeted goals.


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