Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Do you want more aliveness in your life and relationship(s)?

What about more presence, connection and intimacy?

Do you want to feel free and animated inside? 

How about bringing this aliveness into your significant relationship(s)?

Welcome to the individual work with Lars.

Sessions with Lars are bursting with inspiration and energy!

The work focuses on exploring what prevents us from feeling loved, cared for and supported in our relationship(s). We start by looking into obstacles to love, unhealthy patterns and places of numbness or pain. By detecting and dissolving these energy fields, we create room for choice and (inner) freedom. Lars’ tools are unique powerhouses, unconventional and challenging. Nevertheless or… because of this: They are a highway for processes towards freedom, empowerment and vitality!

1:1 sessions are perfect for you if you:

Want to align your life with your inner world, not the outer world?
Want to feel your inner power consistently in everyday life?
Want to feel “at home” in your significant relationship(s)?
Want to use crises as opportunities instead of burdens?
What about wanting to see more potential in your relationship(s)…

You can see me in person between Tuesdays and Thursdays in Thornbury and on request on other days. Couples pay the same fee as individuals.  

A coach/counsellor is helping you grow, identify your blindspots (couples or individuals), face personal or relational challenges, and create a structure for growth and flourishing. Think of it like having a personal trainer but for your whole being.

You may learn what you have never learned in school: healthy relating and communicating, setting boundaries, listening, and responding to what is present instead of ‘old’ stories.

My approach is based on the Compassionate Inquiry approach, intuitive and tailored to meet your relational goals and specific challenges.

I have been practising as a Transpersonal Counsellor since 2014 and a Compassionate Inquiry practitioner since 2022. I have trained in a number of different modalities, and also regularly work as a workshop facilitator and Yoga Instructor in Melbourne. 

I work outside of the current medical model; I do not diagnose mental distress or prescribe medications. My approach is strength-based and human-centric.

My work is grounded in deep listening, curiosity and genuine engagement with you and your presenting experience. 

The key to reclaiming our innate and authentic wholeness is not merely to suppress psychological symptoms, recover from addictions and trauma, or “manage” stress but rather to fully embody our multifaceted innate and naturally wild minds, commit ourselves to the wildest and deepest, soul-infused life we’re capable of living, and thus serve the greater community.