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About Lars & Narrative Yoga

Lars – Sense Maker,  Narrative Yoga Teacher & Mentor.

He teaches and speaks about finding and authentically living your narrative– an approach towards your life that supports you to have the courage and awareness to face depths of joy and pain, and evolve to live your truth – always open to upgrade to the best version of yourself.

I grew up near Dresden in the GDR (East Germany). Witnessing the Berlin Wall coming down in 1989 was a life changing event. On some level it spoke to me of the infinite possibilities within each of us if we look beyond the concept of dualities of life; love and hate, dark and light, the inter-relationship of this both internally and externally.

After completing studies at University and 5 years in the IT/Engineering sector, I made the transition to yoga. I was exploring several yoga traditions available in Europe at the time, eventually completing my teacher training with Sukadev Betz of the Sivananda Tradition. I founded my own yoga school in 2003, in Halle/ Saale.  I currently practice Sakshin Ghatastha Yoga with Duncan Ewing (Prahlad) since 2009 and continue to deepen my understanding of Qi-Gong with different teachers from around the world.

I am a fully accredited Transpersonal Counsellor since 2012 and a certified Life Coach since 2015. I have also studied Meditation, Mindfulness and Breath work, ACT, to name a few, integrating these tools in my work and personal practice.

I have experienced transpersonal counselling to be an excellent tool in the journey for personal development, acknowledging how all of us naturally strive to improve the quality of our life. Guidance towards deeper experience can lead to lasting growth and enrichment of our every day experience.

Coaching for me began about 15 years ago in Halle/Saale, Germany.  I would not have called it coaching at the time but looking back today I realised that my coaching journey began back than. There I researched and experimented with creating better wellbeing solutions for my clients in my Yoga school but also with companies like Deutsche Bank and the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg in Sachsen-Anhalt.  I learned a lot about how to help individuals become healthier, more focused and balanced.

I have worked in many different projects, founded a couple of earth friendly companies in Australia and started my own business.  I keep learning more about  how to communicate effectively, how to embrace emotional information, and to maximize leadership qualities in individuals and teams.

My greatest teachers are my two children from whom I am learning and sharing with every day. Narrative Yoga is a great tool for parenting, mindfulness and living a life in joyous expansion. Narrative Yoga Coaching can be done in-person or by phone. It never hurts to check my schedule so don’t be shy.


  • Founder of Narrative Yoga, Teacher, Mentor
  • Cert. Yoga Teacher (Yoga Vidya Teachers Association, EFYTA, Yoga Alliance) since 2001
  • Cert. Life Coach
  • Dip. Transpersonal Counselling
  • Ayurveda Marma Massage Therapy, Germany
  • ReLogos “Healing through Transformation” Breathwork Prac.
  • Bach. Engineering/ Surveying (Uni Dresden, Germany)
  • Member of Australian Association of Holistic and Transpersonal Counsellors

About Transpersonal Counselling

The word “Trans – personal” can be translated as “beyond your persona”, or beyond the ego/ beyond your mask (imagine you have got an unlimited set of masks for all life situations, you never have to show the real you).  It describes a holistic perspective and a way of working which has a larger frame of reference than our personalities, belief systems and thoughts.   These aspects are part of us, but are not taken for the whole picture of what a human being is or is not capable of.

An important inclusion in the picture of the human being in regards to the term transpersonal is that we exist in a spectrum of consciousness.  That is to say that there is a wide range of possible ways that we can experience ourselves in our realities.  Some examples of ways that we commonly experience different states of consciousness are sleep, dreams, thinking, anger, meditation, vigorous exercise and imagination to name but a few.  Other less common possibilities include peak experiences of insight, oneness or unity, depression and spiritual emergence or psychosis.  The possibilities are endless.

Each type of consciousness has its own qualities, potentials and resources.  By accessing them deliberately and with awareness it is possible to benefit the whole being.  There is a science or an art to knowing how to travel between states.  Simple examples of tools that we may use to shift our state are reading a book to wind down before bed, drinking coffee to become alert and awake, meditation to calm the mind and physical exercise to get back to the body.

The Transpersonal Counsellor is someone who has been trained in facilitating and guiding others to access specific states for the purpose of healing.  The counselling techniques used are sourced from modern psychology, traditional spiritual practices and my own experience in life. The Transpersonal model places crisis, illness and difficulty in a larger context of growth.

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About Narrative Yoga – a natural form of movement

Narrative Yoga is based on the ancient teachings contained in the Classic Hatha Yoga text, Gheranda Samhita.  The different techniques and forms used in the practice have been carefully arranged to bring harmony to the body&mind.  Great attention is given to the ancient Hatha Yoga science of inception of Prana with inhalation of breath and release of contraction, negativity and tension with exhalation of breathe.

Narrative Yoga offers a vagary approach for the individual experience of yoga, allowing one to observe the shifts and changes that exist in each of us.  The word “vagary” is taken from the Latin vagari, “to wander”.  Therefore this description refers to the journey of wandering of the Self, that of discovery, change, connection, freedom and love, within the context of yoga and our own personal narrative.

The core practice of Narrative Yoga is the cultivation of conscious awareness in the moment and  connecting to our inner knowing.

It’s an experimental yoga practice evolving with your personal connections between body and mind and the most inner “treasures” of your most personal self; unique and precious findings on your soul path. It can initiate, allow, nourish and consolidate a space of awareness for the possibility of journeying between love and hate, light and dark in the context of the stories you believe in/live with.

Narrative Yoga gains its value by practising according to your physical abilities, creating a journey with the Self.  It also takes into consideration your characteristics/personality and temperament, your needs and life circumstances.  The thing that lights me up the most is when witnessing the results in the process of personal transformation sessions.  They can be done in-person or by phone.  It never hurts to check my schedule so don’t be shy. As your journey continues to unfold, and your story is being felt and acknowledged, the practice of personal evolution is allowed to flow.  I love helping clients to become their best version of themselves.

Thanks so much for our ‘mindful’ session. I really am excited to be bringing some Qi Gong back into my routine now, with the added bonus of bringing in more balance and strength into my body, and the mind. Thanks heaps, I enjoyed the ‘workout’, and feel great now.


I have studied with a number of experienced teachers in yoga for 8 years and have found me studying yoga with Lars is what I have been looking for these last few years. His approach to practice allows your depths, lucidities and unique qualities of the self to be explored through both gentle and dynamic movement, conscious awareness of breath, through a delicate blend of Yoga and Qi Gong. His great ability to hold space allows subtleties to become tangible and physical strength to integrate to the internal, while adjusting the approach of practice as needed for the individual

My son and I celebrated his turning 10 with a Longbow Marking Workshop. The workshop brought us together beautifully and created a bond that we both treasure. The bow we made together is a symbol of our relationship. When we need time for just him and me, firing the bow and arrow has become a new language of our special relationship. For us, Lars held a special space for us to connect. For fathers and sons, fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, mothers and daughters – bow making brings back to life something lost in today’s world where solitude and individual pursuit is so celebrated.
Hugh 45 and James 10

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