About Lars & Narrative Yoga

Lars – Transpersonal Counsellor, Workshop Facilitator. Explore the integrative and empowering art of archery and wooden bow making and its ability to connect us to stories of belonging, relating and identity.

In this workshop, Lars invites you to track inner and outer landscapes, sensing our ancestry – the connection with those before us, and through the act of crafting a bow – reflect and integrate,  creating with our hand’s symbols of strength, balance and connectedness. 

I have been practising as a Transpersonal Counsellor since 2014. I have trained in a number of different modalities, and also regularly work as a workshop facilitator and private Yoga Instructor in Melbourne. 

I work outside of the current medical model meaning I do not diagnose mental dis-ease or prescribe medications. 

My work is grounded in deep listening, curiosity and genuine engagement with you and your presenting experience. 

I have helped hundreds of clients improve their relationships by integrating presenting experiences and consequently living more authentic and fulfilling lives. 

The key to reclaiming our innate and authentic wholeness is not merely to suppress psychological symptoms, recover from addictions and trauma, or “manage” stress but rather to fully embody our multifaceted innate and naturally wild minds, commit ourselves to the wildest and deepest, soul-infused narrative we’re capable of living, and thus serve the greater community. 

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My journey into health and well-being began about 25 years ago in Halle/Saale, Germany. Creating well-being solutions for my clients in my Yoga School but also working with companies like Deutsche Bank and Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg.

I bring over 2 decades of experience in a healthy lifestyle and wholesome living to the table.  Starting with learning about physical health and the deep philosophy of yoga I expanded into the field of psychology, and spirituality. 

Living experience being a father, brother, uncle, business partner, friend, husband, divorced,…in love… being in a relationship with life. Life is Relation-ship.  It is my honour and passion to support you in navigating your Relation-ship.  

With compassion, the concept of Shoshin and curiosity. 






  • Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner since 2022
  • Cert. Yoga Teacher (Yoga Vidya Teachers Association, EFYTA, Yoga Alliance) since 2001 with continued training.
  • Cert. Life Coach 2015.
  • Founder of Narrative Yoga, Facilitator, Mentor
  • Dip. Transpersonal Counselling 2012
  • Ayurveda Marma Massage Therapy, Germany 
  • ReLogos “Healing through Transformation” Breathwork Prac.
  • Bach. Engineering/ Surveying (Uni Dresden, Germany)
  • Member of the Australian Association of Holistic and Transpersonal Counsellors