The Sanskrit word asana (from asa-bhuvi meaning to be, to stay, to exist*) is the most popular term people refer to for the body postures while practising.  Similar to my coaching approach, yoga practice is not about ‘becoming’ something but discovering what is already present, not about ‘gaining enlightenment’ or getting somewhere, but redeeming the sahajawasta (natural state)*.  Understanding “what is” and bringing awareness and focus to the path you are on is the first step.  My teaching includes many asanas, some are dynamic and some of static nature.  Exploring polarities within, awareness of breath and mind, limitations and space, your physical body and the whole being you are, will allow you to gain more energy, a flexible and strong body plus a calmer and more focused mind.   *credit to Shandor Remete for his research, translation and his incredible and inspiring work as a YogaTeacher (for me from 2004-2008)

I completed my teacher training with Sukadev Betz of the Sivananda Tradition in 2001. I founded my own yoga school in 2003, in Halle/ Saale and continued my yoga studies in the Sivananada and other yoga traditions.  Looking back at a quarter of a century of yoga practice I continue to deepen my understanding of  Yoga and Qi-Gong with different teachers from around the world.

If you would like me to run a yoga program for your school, organisation or home ed group, get in contact with me, I would love to work with you.

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