Can you trust your intuition?

May 22, 2020

The 6th sense. Your guts. …or is it that holistic self of yours?
I am inviting you to listen. Allow your mind to rest for a moment. Take a deep breath, relax your mind.
Listen to your being. To your soul. Observe. Breathe.

Imagine, the world’s soul is talking to you.
Your voice is powerful, your true, loving voice of compassion and support for Mother Earth. Feel your humanness. And remember your divine nature. Who are you? Why are you on Earth?Feel the entire universe. The cosmos. All that is a mirror of the love between the masculine and the feminine.”

Listening to the whisper. Beyond the chatter.
Trust. Love yourself for the chatter.
And feel deeper.

Corona has always been part of nature. What is behind the chatter?
Can we as humankind reflect and come to our senses in this global standstill. Can you?
What is your intuition telling you?
Are you a sovereign being with an immune system and are you responsible for yourself?

Do you think you can return to your daily normality as you know it from the days before lock down?
How much of your habits, your pains, can you let go off?
Jealousy, consumerism and substitute gratification of all sort. Habitual struggles in your own relationships. Living out of sync with Mother Earth?
Can we as human kind rise above this?

I’m sure you’ve been wondering what the future holds for you.
Can your life return to “normal”? I have been talking to people who don’t want to go back to the old ways!

Change is the only constant in life. What does change mean to you today? How many natural ways can you find to approach the continuum of life?
The Corona story shows ambiguity, a situation that calls for clarification. We are all involved in this story. Can we stay united as society finding truth with what is? United for the greater good and open minded striving for sustainable solutions!

How can you see the story unfold? The lifestyle we took for granted is unsafe the gov says. Fear is dominating in the public realm and constitutional rights are under attack. How much will they change towards totalitaian state rules?
This can lead to chaos. And a totalitarian surveillance state does not seem like a good idea for a healthy future. All constitutional rights are important. The freedom of speech is fundamental for a free and healthy society.

I remember the fall of the Berlin Wall.
The force for freedom and love. Love for unity. Chaos and human will that overcame a totalitarian fear based surveillance state. Back then without the digital realm! I remember receiving a type writer letter from Neues Forum while still under GDR rules. The fall of the Wall was only months away.
The peaceful revolution of 1989 is an unforgetable memory of my youth. And it ended with a super corrupt takeover! West- took East-Germany in a storm. The lost chance of evolving to a more sustainable and healthy society. Capitalism with all it’s shine was stronger.
I am longing for a “new forum”.
(grassroots democratic movement to end the silence in political communication, check Awakening89)
What are the foundations for a new society? Sustainable action is crucial.What about Awakening19? …or 20?

You do not need permission from anyone but yourself. Be. Responsible. Critical thinking can not be a lost trade!Does the current panic arise from the disconnection to nature? Does the fear of a virus come from a lifestyle without a greater community?

I can look at a tree, a flower, even a leaf; a bee or the sky. The sun, the moon and anything around. It moves me.
Mother Earth isbeautiful. I am.
The blueprint of creation is in our bodies, our genes. It is your cosmic inheritance. You are perfect right now. You are the world’s soul. Listen to the whisper from within.
Look at life and recognize the sacred forces working in harmony. Learn to see; to see from within.
See the feminine source and the love for all creation. Recognise the masculine qualities like focus and critical thinking.
Welcome home: the harmony of life. Trust that life renews itself. Can you trust a crisis and all that it brings?
Trust yourself.

You are a creator. Every thought, every word, every action creates.
Tune into your own life force deep within. Take responsibility for your health, for your decisions for the land that you stand on. And all the wild things that make you human. From your heart, from your guts, take action creating the future you would like to see.

Feel the generations before you. Do you have the courage to face the unknown. The joy of being an expression of it all. Temet Nosce. The latin phrase goes back to the Tempel of Delphi. The imperative indicates that man must look within.
Know thyself.