Co-Creating Tribe Culture and The World Cup

Jun 29, 2018

Hi Villagers.

Friday afternoon, end of financial year and the end for the German and Australian soccer teams in the World Cup.

I saw the headline of a German magazine: “Germany is out: How does life continue now?”

You might be aware that soccer in Germany is like Footy here in Oz.  I am now ‘officially’ an Australian citizen, but cannot relate to football.  I can share with you the feeling that most Germans are likely shocked and devastated about leaving the World Cup after the first round. 

How do you feel about the Australian team not making it through to the Final? How do you relate to footy? Are you disappointed and sad when “your team” loses a game?

Do you barrack for a team?  Do you wear your footy colours and go to games?

I am not a big fan of the big sports, but I felt sad checking the news about the World Cup realising that Germany and Australia were both out. Even though I don’t go to games, nor have a team I follow, I still feel a connection to the collective ‘sport’ consciousness. 

I am amazed about this culture – it is like a super powerful collective trance.  And, soccer is most likely one of the biggest transcultural collective trances in the world. There is a lot of power in there on many levels – a world wide movement of celebration with one focus – Soccer and your country (team) winning.

People celebrate their team, you can see men crying, women shouting, we can party without end and be part of the cross cultural collective with a common goal.

I find it fascinating. 

Where am I going with this…?

How can we harness that kind of oneness? What if we, let it be the hundreds of millions of soccer fans or all Australian footy fans, channel that power into different aspects of life, where it is so much needed.

Imagine how a stadium like the MCG full of people is celebrating life and humanity, the awakening to new levels of oneness and collective power. Celebrating all the possibilities we have to make this planet a better place.

I imagine a full stadium of people, together – one in spirit, with a collective focus on co-creating for the benefit of every individual. What an impact this would have on our society.

How can we achieve that?

Together, co-creating?

The answer(s) will come. Share your vision with us.

I invite you to be part of The Village Continuum. We strive to make this planet a better place through celebrating and 

co-creating tribe culture.

Let’s celebrate, co-create and grow in the continuum of life.


The Village Continuum Founder

 =co-creating tribe culture=