Geelong craftsman Lars Richter uses longbow craft workshop to promote wellbeing

Mar 22, 2016

Moriac craftsman and wellness warrior Lars Richter teaches Yahje, 10 how to make longbows. Pictures: Peter Ristevski

MORIAC craftsman Lars Richter believes there’s a little Robin Hood in everyone.

The German-born wellness warrior has been running longbow-crafting workshops in Torquay and Freshwater Creek for the past two years, hosting anyone from school kids and community groups to corporate functions and hen’s nights.

He’s helped make more than 200 bows, and said people often underestimated the healing properties of creating something with their hands.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re 10 and just want to make your own bow, or 50, or any age really … When you’re holding an almost finished product and start the oiling process, it’s just beautiful how it comes out. It’s always magic,” Mr Richter said.

“That’s what I love, it’s just this beautiful project I have where I can work with people on different levels.

“Life coaching one on one is great, but having a group work through it together is even more powerful.”