Have you asked the question?

Jun 17, 2020

There is one lesson that I would have liked to learn in school. Everyones perceptions are subjective and only a fraction of the truth.
We perceive only a small part of reality. It actually is a natural guard for our brain filtering 99% of reality. And everyones perceived 1% is different.
Yes. That means there is about 8billion realities out there. Many tribes, nations etc agree or live by similar realities.
The comfort of being part of a reality with your tribe is obvious.
This is a way of looking at religions. Being part of something bigger.
I am not part of a religion but I am fascinated by their stories and myths. They are like told narratives of collective consciousness. I am feeling home in many narratives and they help me coming home to self.
Traditions and festivities are stories of wisdom if we evolve with them. Wisdom is a continuum. Words carry wisdom like the arrow sings the wind. Dance with it.
Feel it.
Listen with an open heart. Can you connect into the field of magic and wisdom? Some questions do not need answers.
Lets look at the word religion for a moment.
The philologist Max Müller said the root of the English word religion (Latin religio) means “reverence for God or the gods. The careful pondering of divine things.”
I wished I had learnt and talked about that in school.
The classical explanation of the word, traced to Cicero, derives from re- (again) + lego in the sense of “choose”, “go over again”. The interpretation of many modern writers connects it with religare “to bind fast” or “bond between humans and gods.”
Could it be a path of choosing to unite with god (all) in any given moment with great reverence to all (god)? Welcome to my religion.
Whitsun is the name for the Christian festival happening 49 days after Easter Sunday. I did not notice any mentioning here in Australia.
It commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon Christ’s disciples (Acts 2).
The disciples experienced the Holy Spirit at the Jewish Shavuot festival. The bible says that:
“When Pentecost came, everyone was in the same place. Suddenly there came a roar from the sky, like a violent storm, and filled the whole house in which they were. And tongues of fire appeared to them, which were distributed; one settled on each of them. Everyone was filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in foreign languages as the Spirit gave them. ”
Pentecost translates to fiftieth day. Christians still celebrate the sending of the Holy Spirit. Well, it is a long weekend in my homeland and I did not know anything about the origins until I got curious. Queens birthday happening here a week later. Mmmmh? Meaningless to anyone I have spoken to in the last 15years.
The aramaic word (Jesus’ language) for spirit is Ruha and it also translates to breath.
Breath is key in every spiritual tradition and often related to spirt. Language carries it. Mahatma (Ghandi) is an example. Maha=great and atman=spirit=breath. To breathe = atmen in german.
The breath can change our brainwaves, the frequency. This will change perception and open doors to unconscious areas of our psyche. Shamans of any tradition, yogis and healers know about the power of the breath and the connection to spirit.
Recently the words “I can’t breathe” were going through mainstream media. Repeated by millions on the streets it seems like a “mantra” that is not helping us.
I have used my breath as a yoga practitioner and taught many people to use the breath as a tool for connection. I worked as a yoga teacher back in Germany and now as a relationship coach. How do you relate to spirit? …to your breath?
Are you willing to connect?
Mantras are powerful! You are programming your subconscious mind to reverberate with the mantra that is being chanted.
I don’t know about the agenda from the media. RIP G.Floyd. Lets overcome division and racism together.
Every breath carries energy. Also known as Prana or Chi.
Your breath does not only keep you alive but connects you to life.
It is the most powerful tool you have for almost instant results. You can change your being and your perception with some deep breaths.
How is your inhalation, your ability to let life go through you?
Are you able to let go? To exhale…
Holy spirit is super conscious breath in my books.
Holy means holistic. Oneness.
Holy or sacred is nothing special nor impossible. It is what allows us as humans and humanity to realise oneness.
Are you aware of your breath? What an amazing tool. How present are you with it?
Can you see the sacredness in your life?
Or are you lost in daily life routine, … right now? I am sometimes…
A magic dwells in each beginning. (Hesse)
Aim for a holy life, holistic so that you can perceive your world the same way. Not half but full. In every moment you choose.
Magic is yours to create.
Being present is when your soul connects with what you observe and perceive. Can yo think of a moment in your life when you looked into someones eyes and you could not express what is going on.
I mean beyond words. Breathtaking in the most enjoyable way.
Presence starts with accepting self.
I am.
I look into the mirror and say: I love you.
Now is the most precious moment.
I breathe.
I relax.
I love.
I don’t know what Jesus’ disciples did back then or what they experienced. Something extraordinary enough to be written in the bible. A story 2000 plus years old. Powerful.
We all have the right to experience, be one with the Holy Spirit.
Ecstacy. Moving your body and/or breathing might be all it needs to get there. Ecstasy is one of many natural states. Let go of control and get over yourself.
No concepts.
Just moments.
Pure joy.
Magic unfolding from Nothingness.
We can learn from the old texts. Storys carry the wisdom of humanity. Beyond religions but connected with god, with all that is.
Ecstasy beyond religion. Allow spirit to move you.
Allow your mind to relax. Empty your head. Laugh.
Move your hands, your feed, every cell of your body dancing.
Your heart will open like a lotus and ecstasy will fill your being.
Dance like nobody is watching and breathe.
It’s time to let go. It’s time to fall.
Feel the instability of the world, the chaos. Yes. Out of control. Out of yours.
The beauty of a magical and entangled universe is that in falling we are flying.
The unknown. Surrender that left part of your brain.
Find yourself in a different mode of being.
Observing and exploring with all senses.
Being … in the world we find more ways of being alive…. beyond doing.