How to focus – the best life tool inside you!

Jan 5, 2020

May the focus be with you.

Understanding your focus is your best tool in conscious relating to self, fellow humans and nature.  Observe how your focus wanders, track your inner landscape and invite your focus onto the tracks you choose. The old tracks might not lead to what you want!

Trust the journey, trust the unknown. Can you…? The spiritual path of transcending from our human experience as a goal is different to the soul path where we enter fully into our human experience aka ordinary life. Enduring the highs and lows of human life from the heart: compassionate, curious and connected.

Embodying soul. Defining focus. Trusting life.

Shooting an arrow fully embodied and trusting yourself, the arrow(intention) following your focus and the bow as an extension of you, can be a really powerful experience. Playing with the 2 universal energies, the feminine (bow) and the masculine (arrow) will allow you to dive deeper into the mystery of life. Similar with your focus: you can change from wide vision looking focus to single dot laser sharp focus.

Every culture on Earth had similar concepts of polarities and there has always been the mystery, for example the Dagara Cosmology tradition in Burkina Faso, Africa is similar in thought to string theory where it is the theory of everything. Every particle in the universe contains a vibrating string which leads to other dimensions, nothing dies; instead, Tingan (masculine) and Tenbalu (Earth/Mother) are continually reshaping into other forms of matter.

What does mystery mean to you? …and how to keep your focus while life is mysterious…

Kanyini principles (from the Yankunytjatjara people around Uluru) are best expressed as the combination of the two words ‘responsibility’ and ‘love’ being in relationship, caring with no limit – and no timeframe. “That is what we get from Earth Mother; that is what we get from Sun Mother (female energy) and that is what we get from Moon Father (male energy). They look after everything – in the realm of caring by these two mothers, all are brothers and sisters! Family extends to all species and is inclusive of everything. Our Earth Mother is all of our mothers; we don’t just have one mother – everything is Mother.” Earth Mother has a sister, the Sun, and these two are responsible for all beings on Earth – imagine that – you feel utterly secure because you belong to all that there is, and all that there is belongs to you.  A belief system (BS) that supported a sustainable lifestyle as far back as we can see today! The focus was on belonging supported by a strong tribal culture.

I found it fascinating and I hope that I can tickle some curiosity in you. I could go on…looking at the dancing Shiva (yoga/Indian tradition) in my logo, the polarities and elements in Chinese traditions ….and there is always the unknown, the mystery, yet each tribe has a certain focus that creates the culture. And as Jung said, our vision will only become clear when we can look into our hearts. The unknown within, if you don’t know your hearts desires how can you know your vision, how can you focus on anything really?

Keeping all that in mind, observe your focus in daily life.

What is your belief system…mindset…. and we could call it focus…! Is it based on Kanyini principles?  Your religion, your upbringing? In other words… what makes you tick the way you do every day? 

How much effort do you put in (drawing back your bow) to launch the arrow, extending your intention into the future.

Stay with me in this embodiment, aka archery picture drawn in your mind:  Aim small, miss small. That’s the basic rule to focus! I suggest to train your focus muscle and keep it flexible.

Are you held back by your BS in any part of your life? (Health, Wealth, Love, Archery…?) The truth is, true transformation is easy when you get your mindset, your focus, right. Sounds to easy to be true? Well, guess what, your mind does not like the unknown naturally. That’s why it is so hard to change… And after working with hundreds of people over the years I’ve discovered that the secret to this lies not in the person only, but in the journey the person goes on.

Tracking your inner and outer landscape is crucial for changing your mindset, success not only becomes easy, it becomes predictable.

Start observing your mind.  Aware & Relaxed. Playful & Neutral. And with curiosity. 

Finishing with some yoga terms: Where manas(mind) goes prana(energy) flows.