Instinctive archery – what about IA instead of AI?

Apr 3, 2023

IA can be a useful mindfulness practice for several reasons:
The number one reason: archery is cultivating awareness in the present moment. To be here now.

One must be present and spiritually speaking, become one with the target, the bow, and the body. This focus on the present moment cultivates a mind-less state – less thinking and doing but rather being in an embodied sense of aliveness.
A mind-less state can help to cultivate mindfulness by reducing distractions and worries, increase resilience and connection.

2. Archery requires flexibility and strength in the body. Practice will lead to light and empowered movement. By focusing on the stance and the movement of the arms, shoulders, and back, archery can help to increase body awareness and improve posture.

3. Breath awareness: Breath mastery is an important aspect of archery. It helps to steady the body & mind connection. By focusing on their breath, archers can learn to control their breathing creating inner peace and reduce stress and anxiety.

4. Non-judgmental attitude: Archery requires a non-judgmental attitude towards oneself and others. Instead of focusing on perfection, archers are encouraged to focus on the process and to learn from their mistakes. This non-judgmental attitude can help to reduce self-criticism and increase self-acceptance.

5. Acceptance of uncertainty and the unknown.
Archery requires accepting uncertainty and letting go of the need for control. Archery can help to cultivate the ability to let go of control and to be comfortable with the unknown.

6. Mind-body connection: Archery requires the coordination of the mind and body. By focusing on the physical movement of the body and the mental focus on the target, archers can learn to balance the mind and body. This process can open up a bigger picture beyond body and mind.

In archery practice one connects to the imminence of inner stillness, the silence between two heartbeats, and the oneness of it all; it is a wonderful way to pay attention to the world around you.

Instinctive archery can be a valuable daily practice and tool.
Archery practice will help you to increase focus, awareness and overall health and spiritual capacity. You can cultivate tools that will help you in daily life when you show up without bow&arrow.

Private tuition is available on request. Please contact me via E-mail. Thank you. Stay focused and relaxed. Lars