Longbow meditation targets Byron Bay

Mar 22, 2016

WELLNESS warrior Lars Richter will share his traditional longbow making skills at workshops on March 2-6 in Byron Bay.

Mr Richter, who has made longbows with hundreds of people around the country, believes creating a traditional wooden longbow can be the path to good health.

“It’s great to learn the technical side of bow making, but the real value is in reconnecting to ancestral wisdom,” he said.

“It’s a form of meditation and way to calm the mind.

“Many people resist taking time for themselves to meditate because they feel a need to accomplish something and have something solid to show for the time spent.

“When you focus on creating a useful item out of a natural object, the quality and uniqueness of you is imbued in it and becomes one of the best forms of meditation.”

Mr Richter said there was no better way to connect the generations than to create something together.

“Little is passed down from the generations, and that kind of knowledge is something that is irreplaceable. Children have much to learn from the elders in the tribe,” he said.

Mr Richter is a teacher, mentor and life coach who for the last 15 years, has specialised in facilitating workshops in longbow making, yoga, mindset and life coaching.

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

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