The Urban Archer

Oct 27, 2022

The Urban Archers’ view of life starts with movement, with the observation of change in life.

Even stillness is a part of the field of change. Circulation of energy is always present. Circulation means moving towards balance in the continuum of life. We must understand that this doesn’t mean that we aren’t having any troubles, but rather that we are accepting our troubles properly, learning from them and changing/moving accordingly rather than getting stuck on them.

The art of making a bow and the art of archery are both wonderful disciplines for self-reflection and creating balance in life. This art of living is also known as the art of being in the zone or flow.

In the physical realm, this refers to the free circulation of blood and other bodily fluids. If they get stuck, we end up with all kinds of problems. Muscular tension might be the first sign. Most fellow humans can relate to that as a first symptom. Keep moving but learn from every mo(ve)ment. Cultivate the energy that moves through you.

The even more important part is our “emotional landscape”. Emotions need to complete their journey rather than getting suppressed. There must be an endpoint in a natural cycle. The same is true for our thoughts and our mental activity. When we are unable to properly process our emotions or mental activity, they can get stuck which creates resistance in the natural flow and/or open loops are created which will consume lots of energy.

My work is about being in the present moment, where attention and focus are striving towards balance. My work intents to stimulate energies towards harmony, into motion, supporting complete cycles of life.

The process of meditation, in one sense, is a process of slowing down the movement of the mind’s thoughts so that the mind comes to rest.

With enough time in repose, the mind turns inward toward its source – pure consciousness.