Voyage to Emergence

Apr 23, 2020

The old ways and narratives that shaped our lives are history it seems.  Now what..?  Change means letting go of the old.  The social distance thing seems extremely strange and does not feel good for me.  Mourning about the old allows for consciously inviting the New.  Meditation helps…

Well,… a couple of things to get started:

We are in this together.  Let’s work together.

The unknown holds magic.  Let’s create magic.  Let’s be open to what is!    

Is it a pandemic of fear, control or is it the actual virus?  Maybe all of the above?  I am uncertain and can’t help to be highly sceptical about the official approach.  The least I can do is to share my thoughts, have an opinion and stay open to a better future.

I have slowed down.  Listening to podcasts, meditation and working in the garden allows me to feel grounded and open minded.  Thank you nature. 

I even planted some trees… “that is what you do when you feel like the world falls apart” my farther agreed with a smile. I deeply appreciate the internet that allows me to stay connected with my kin in Germany.  I trust that I can return to my home land at the perfect time again although I have moments where I freak out.  Yes.  Letting go of control however being aware of what I can control… my thoughts. And the moment.

I am grateful to be with my children, to put my feed onto Mother Earth every day and allow for plenty of sunlight on my skin.  Listening to my children playing the piano moves me to tears.  It is delightful.  I decide where I put my attention.  Feeling the pain and confusion is one part and holding a vision up for me, my family and humanity is another.

How to find truth in the chaos of information?  How to trust ..?  How to make any sense of what is happening out there?  

Well, can I make sense of my internal landscape and can I trust myself?  Lets work together on strengthening the courage and trust of humanity and on coming back into kinship with all of life.  Communicate and ask questions! 

The good news is that there is no limit in connecting to self.  Meditate and tune into your inner guidance. That place of trust from deep within.  Trusting your guts, your heart, your instincts – trust your soul.  

Please take a moment to find/create a vision on how you want the world to look like after the crisis.  Hold this vision and work towards it.  You don’t need to know HOW but allow you to have a vision. 

We may not get this opportunity again!  Now is the time to question your reality in and outside, i.e. if you listen to main stream media.  Television… say it out loud…. tell a vision.  Yes?  What kind of vision is that?  News, movies, science, fiction, history…. delivered via TV and you decide which program you chose.  Pay attention to words, images, story lines etc.  Are you aware of the program you choose?  That is your programming.  

I know many people are suffering, I know that many people are probably struggling with what is unable to be known.  I do.  How long will this go on?  Is this virus really a threat?  Are we all being lied to?  Is what we are doing enough?

Again, the good news is that you are in control of your attention if you wish. Be aware where it goes. It is yours.  

We Are Not At War the words of Sophie Mainguy, an ER doctor in France. 

A virus is a microorganism, that brings nature into balance. There is no intend to harm from a virus.  Thus “war” is the most inappropriate term humans can use right now.  I must ask if that language from main stream is used with the intention of controlling the people through fear!  Who owns the media and who has an interest…? 

We can’t fight a virus successfully.  There is no “enemy” to fight because the virus is part of us.  I wonder why we have not learnt that after so many lessons from nature.  Listen to this podcast… I found it super interesting, talking about natural autoimmunity, basic biology if you like and heaps more….

Evolution is a smart and fast process and humans are only a small part of planet Earth’s diversity.  Is there more to it than what we can recognise with our senses?  Yes, we can only receive 5% of the reality around us!  Good news hey… so much more to discover. 

Love and unity are the basic substances in the alliance of all living beings. We are one.  Didn’t Einstein say that Love is the most powerful energy on the planet? 

We need to resonate with another collective field within us, one that is much deeper than fear, a field that is still hidden but you might feel it when your arrow lands right there where you want it.  Boom.  You know what I mean if you shoot arrows instinctively, meditate or if you play in other fields. 

It’s the collective field of trust, the matrix of life (death is part of it and has not been a welcomed part of our society even we all know it is certain).  And as absurd as it may seem to many in the face of all the precautions and restrictions, this is our common task now, to strengthen the field of trust through everything we do, think, communicate and how we interact with each other.  New solutions beyond what we could imagine in the past are possible if we trust ourselves.  Do not allow your attention being drawn by fear mongering.  Ask questions.  Expand beyond the old paradigms. 

“Never let a good crisis go to waste”.  What a great line…  Fostering community and unity, working together to shake off the trauma of fear is what we need to work on.  Activating the deeper layer of trust will be the foundation of a new culture.  

When I look at this (r)evolution, my instincts say: “it’s time, nothing stays the same”.  If you don’t know yet, learn how to plant something.  That is the first connection to Earth.  Put your bare feed on the ground.  The synergies are amazing.  Take a deep breath!  Feel your lungs.  Feel the lungs of the Earth that have been serving us for Aeons.  The virus can “inflame” the lungs.  The lungs of the Earth are in-flames.  Brasils government is still burning the Amazon rainforest on purpose.  An inflammation comes from an in-balance.  Is nature calling us? 

The lungs of the Earth are in danger and now a virus is putting individual lungs in danger.  The alchemists says “as above so below”.  This is something to reflect on if you see the Earth as one big organism.  We also connect through our breath to the dimensions beyond our physical existence – our soul.  

I trust that the panic and fear around survival/health and economics will level out and people find a new connection to self – the soul and their essential divinity.  Humanity is in chaos, from “fasterbetterwider-gogogo” including burning forests, to a wide stand still.  The universal soul is in turmoil, souls at home processing the last few months.  This can either move into a bigger challenge or can be a catalyst for evolution.  Track your inner landscape (your soul yearnings) and be aware of your outer landscape (including our social and political structures).  All places and humans are affected, we collectively are in an emergen-cy.

May your soul emerge.  We are here to help mid-wife that emergence – together.

Ask yourself: How am I going to remember myself after this crisis? 

It affects many people if not all of us – your thoughts & actions and the crisis.  Do what you can to support your local business, your yoga teacher, farmer, coffee shop, etc.

And last but not least….lets treat all things as spirit, realise that we are one family.  We share the same spirit. The one Earth. Love.  Every thought goes into the big field of life. Lets put tons of love, smiles and positive thought out there – together.  Share your grief and sadness with your friends, because through sharing we can transform it and let it go.

This whole scenario can be seen like drawing the bow…

We have to put some strength in while we draw back, putting in some effort and the intention (arrow) is well prepared and ready to propel forward. The heart is open while you feel your fear and power, full draw, focus.  Observe. Hold. Feel the moment between in and exhale.  Time to stop for a moment. Silence, stand still.  Letting go can be challenging.  Release the intention.  Trust.  The arrow will find the way.  Focus and Intention is making its way.  We are already there – one with the target. 

I hope the draw length is not to long!  My mind picture is not perfect however play with it if you like.  Let’s stay connected for freedom and positive change.
Personally, locally, globally.

In gratitude and connection.