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Embodied reconnection retreat is a four days long program (Friday-Monday) that aims to bring you deeper into your body – to a place of rest, rejuvenation and balance. From this place, it is much easier to cultivate clarity and stay true to yourself in managing day to day life.
There is so much hype about balance and presence these days. In our work, we draw on simple embodiment practices to take you into a place of connection, clarity and balance. During these four days on a private property at the edge of the magical Otway’s rainforest, we will weave together wisdom and skills from some ancient and some contemporary embodiment practices, such as Classic Hatha Yoga, Traditional Intuitive Archery, Open Floor movement practice and more, in order to attune more to our inherent embodied wisdom and learn the wisdom of balanced living.
Since Descartes’ famous saying in the 17th century “Cogito Ergo Sum” (“I think, therefore I am”), human life has become increasingly organised around two separate centres – rational mind and irrational body. For decades and years, Western world developed this belief that the body is separate from the mind and hence uncontrollable. Because the body was to be controlled, so was the Nature. Four centuries later, and after most of Western science and philosophy were built on this simple premise of body-mind dualism, we can say with confidence that Descartes was wrong. We think to know that we exist but we also feel, sense, move, breathe, observe and much more in order for our existence to be full. While Western science is still catching up with this, many Eastern and Indigenous schools of wisdom understand that the only way into presence and wholeness is through integration of body and mind. Buddha said that the body is our precious vehicle for awakening. Without deeper connection and understanding of our unique body-mind being, we are stuck in living a fragmented life, always reaching only for a hint of what is possible.
In this retreat, we place focus on mindful integration of the body, mind and the world around us. We work with breath, movement, contemplation and wisdom sharing circles, to facilitate a memory of what we always knew – that we are whole only when we are in connection with all aspects of ourselves and our world. This retreat will reconnect you with yourself, rejuvenate your body-mind and inspire you to keep searching for extraordinary wisdom in ordinary moments in life.
The program consists of:
simple meditation practices,
classic hatha yoga,
open floor dance,
contemplative practices,
intuitive archery,
mindful time in Nature
time in sharing circles and much more.
What you will get.
You will go home with refreshed skills and more inspiration to:
Cultivate deeper connection with your body
Rejuvenate through mindful movement practices
Cultivate balance/d relationships in your life
Deepen (into the) connection (with your body, community and the world around us)
Live your life from a place of balance and clarity
This retreat is for you if:
You are interested in embodied living and meaningful connection with your body, your community and the natural world around you.
You are interested in living a more mindful & balanced life.
You are interested in, or experienced in, mindful movement and meditation.
You are invested in cultivating healthier, life-sustaining communities.
You are looking for a safe container for self-exploration and expansion.
You are searching for meaning in your daily life.
You are needing a safe container to heal and grow.
You want to get out of the city and get recharged through quality time in nature.
When and Where. June 11- 14.
The retreat starts on Friday late afternoon and ends on Monday early afternoon.The retreat is held on private land at the Eastern edge of the Otway’s. The address is going to be provided after booking.
There are two possibilities for accommodation: camping with your own equipment at the property and limited private accommodation.
Indoor accommodation includes private single and double rooms with a shared bathroom.
This is a fully catered event on an organic, partly off-grid farm. The food provided is mostly organic, vegetarian with vegan options.
Early bird finishing 2 weeks before the event:
Camping $575
Single bedroom $650
Bungalow (double bedroom) $ 700
Full price
Camping $ 675
Single bedroom $750
Bungalow (double bedroom) $800
Your booking link: https://www.trybooking.com/BQRSV
Who we are.
Tamara Borovica (Ph.D.) is a founder of Dance Inquiry, international Open Floor movement teacher and academic with a passion for schools of wisdom and philosophy, embodied knowing, and the medicine of dance, creative expression and art. In her work, Tamara draws on her rigorous academic knowledge and decades of work on personal and community growth and transformation. She trained internationally, learning wisdom of the body from Core Energetics Institute in Switzerland, discovering the power of community and creativity from East Side Institute in New York, USA, and the power of movement and embodiment from Open Floor International. Tamara holds Ph.D. in Gender, Sexuality and Education from the University of Melbourne. In her work, Tamara skilfully invites you deep into your body and into a space of integration, transformation and (co)creation.
Lars Richter is founder of Narrative Yoga, relationship coach and the only Australian traditional wooden bow making teacher facilitating workshops around the country combining craft, yoga and the art of relating. Lars grew up near Dresden in the GDR (East Germany). Witnessing the Berlin Wall coming down in 1989 was a life changing event for him. After completing studies at University and 5 years in the IT/Engineering sector, he made the transition to yoga. Lars explored several yoga traditions available in Europe at the time, completing teacher training with Sukadev Betz of the Sivananda Tradition. He taught yoga full time for 5 years in Halle/ Saale and currently practices classic Hatha Yoga influenced by Qi-Gong and martial arts. He is a fully accredited Transpersonal Counsellor since 2012 and a certified Results Coach since 2015. He has also studied other modalities like Meditation, Mindfulness, Breath work, or ACT, to name a few. Lars is dedicated to offer help with conflict and connection in our ever changing journey of relationship life. He is a father, partner, entrepreneur, craftsman and nature lover always seeking deeper understanding and connection with the present moment.
Tamara and Lars weave together their different skills and bodies of knowledge in an enriching and inspiring way. Together they share a commitment to creating safe spaces for deep inner work and individual and community growth. They are dedicated to embodied, life-sustaining living. In their free time, you can find them practicing yoga, walking along the coast and trying to master the art of balance. They laugh a lot and love arguing about philosophy. They are passionate about witnessing the ordinary and cultivating the extraordinary.
The purpose of this 4 day retreat is to connect you with your creativity, your authentic self and nature in a rejuvenating and nurturing way. Together we nurture a safe space for inner work through facilitating and welcoming various forms of expansion and expression. Embodiment of your life force, moving from habit to possibility and choice, focus on meaningful and satisfying lifestyles, creating what you love to see in the world.
Our values are based on Community, Nature, Compassionate Action, Focus and Service.
The container we offer is defined by self-responsibility and confidentiality.
What to bring:
warm clothing, your bedding and towels, yoga mat/pillow, a blanket, a torch, hiking shoes and jacket, ear plugs, pen and paper, anything you might need to feel home and comfortable… ask us how we can help.
With love,
Tamara & Lars